Volume 4, Issue 1
Published: April 6, 2017
In December 2016, Reg Lee was elected to the position of president of ITCO – the International Tank Container Organisation. Lee was previously president of ITCO from 2004 to 2010 and has been president... [Read more]
For many years, there have been different tank cleaning requirements defined across the polymer industry. Each polymer supplier or transport operator has made adjustments to their cleaning requirements... [Read more]
The International Tank ContainerOrganisation (ITCO) estimates that more than 444,000 ISO containers are in use around the globe. Compared to 2014, this is an increase of 12.6%. Despite constantly increasing... [Read more]
More attention is being paid towards the tank cleaning industry, as the food sector strives to reach high standards of hygiene to conform to food safety rules. Due to the fact that the products and ingredients... [Read more]
The European and International Tank Cleaning Association (ENFIT) has been working on developing and implementing European and international quality standards for cleaning and disinfecting food, feed and... [Read more]
An independent tank cleaning company in Belgium is seeing strong demand for its services. The company is planning to launch a new tank cleaning base called HTC Colombus Container Service near the Scheldelaan... [Read more]
Car- & Truckwash (CTW) is a Belgian installer of tank cleaning stations. Withmore than 30 years of experience, CTW supports its customers with the renovation and construction of new cleaning stations... [Read more]
After the rollercoaster ride that was 2016, the tank cleaning industry is wondering what the rest of 2017 might have in store for it. Following the somewhat surprising results to the Brexit referendum... [Read more]
Tank cleaning is looked upon by someas an industrial, very down-to-earth activity, not at all connected to common buzzwords like digitalisation. This couldnot be further from the truth. Cleaningis very... [Read more]
In last year’s TCM spring edition, you may have read about a 25-year old university student from Sweden who said he had a potential solution to the issue of fraudulent European Cleaning Documents... [Read more]
Cleaning tanks and vessels is achieved by a mixture of four elements: time, mechanical action, heat and chemical action. These four elements are illustrated in the accompanying pie charts, which showt... [Read more]