Volume 5, Issue 2
Published: March 23, 2018
In January 2018, Trifleet Leasing, one of the world’s biggest tank container leasing companies, announced it was building up a cryogenics business. This will include creating a significant cryogenic... [Read more]
For companies operating tankers that transport and store liquefied gas it makes sound economic sense that when the road and rail tankers off load liquefied gas any product remaining in the tanker is extracted... [Read more]
Tank Cleaning Magazine speaks with Hans-Dieter Philipowski, president of the international tank cleaning association ENFIT. Whether it’s transporting food or dangerous chemicals, international tank... [Read more]
An interview with EFTCO’s president Erwig Seliaerts revealed a small change of name which is almost unnoticeable, but opens a huge new window for the association. The ECD no longer stands for the... [Read more]
Gröninger’s penetration of the Asiantank cleaning market continues During 2017 Gröninger Cleaning Systems of Rotterdam, through their subsidiary Gröninger Asia, achieved another couple... [Read more]
CTW cleaning has recently installed a new tank cleaning installation in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, for H&S group. For 65 years, H&S has been active in the transportation of liquid foodstuffs... [Read more]
Within the supply chain, tank container cleaning depots have a crucial role, combining both the ending and beginning of transport orders for dry bulk, food-grades and liquid chemicals. It is the latter... [Read more]
On 23 November 2017, president Andreas Zink opened ECTA’s annual meeting, the 20th anniversary celebration of the association. A full day of interesting topics and concerns in Europe’s chemical... [Read more]
In today’s competitive global market, with its growing compliance demands, chemical distributors remain committed to increasing the added value to their partners in the supply chain. In a chemical... [Read more]
A look AWH's range of jet cleaning technology.... [Read more]