Hoyer Group expands green fleet with new LNG trucks

Logistics company Hoyer Group has expanded its green fleet, with the addition of two new trucks powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), under a partnership with Nippon Gases Deutschland.

The two LNG-fuelled Iveco trucks will be used to carry industrial gases such as nitrogen and hydrogen from the German town of Hürth to locations throughout the North Rhine-Westphalia region for Nippon Gases Deutschland.

The truck has impressive environmental and performance credentials, emitting 15% less carbon dioxide and 60% less nitrogen oxide, in addition to using 15% less fuel compared to diesel counterparts. A low-noise engine also offers a more comfortable driving environment and reduces overall noise emissions.

“As experts in transporting gases liquefied under pressure and cryogenically, we ensure gases of all kinds are transported safely and smoothly on a daily basis,” said Thomas Hüttemann, managing director of Hoyer’s Gaslog business unit. “The growing LNG market has an especially positive effect on the balance sheet of our business. Not only transporting these alternative energy sources but also driving with them ourselves immediately was therefore a logical consequence for us.”

Hoyer currently has a number of alternative fuelled vehicels in operation across Germany, including seven fuelled with compressed natural gas. Around 96% of the trucks used by the company in Germany already have Euro 6 Class low-emission engines.

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