A returning customer

Wagon hire and rail logistics company VTG Aktiengesellschaft is exhibitingat this year’s TransportLogistic event in Munich. 

This year, the company willbe represented by its railcardivision with AAE AhausAlstätter Eisenbahn and the wagon construction plant WaggonbauGraaff, as well as its rail logistics and tank container divisions. At the beginning of this year VTG acquired the Swiss wagon hiring company AAE,thus expanding its positionas the largest private wagon hire company in Europe. 

At the show, AAE is presenting the latest addition to the wagon fleet: a 40’container wagon. Such wagons are approved for combined transport with a loading weight of up to 72.5 tonnes and are ideally suited for 20’ tank and bulk containers or heavy 40’ containers. 

Waggonbau Graaff’s will be exhibiting its new 77m3 chemical tank wagon,which has been optimised in its construction in terms of weight and volume compared to both the 75m3 and the 72m3 wagon equivalents. 

VTG Tank Container Logistics services will be exhibiting once again this year in the ITCO Village. This year visitors canget a hands-on impression inthe open air area with the tank container, used in continental traffic, which VOTG is displayingon AAE’s intermodal wagon. A key advantage of these‘swap containers’, whichalso carry out overseas transport, is greater loading capacity in comparison to the conventional 20’ tank containers. VTG Tank Container Logistics (VOTG) will be in Hall B4, booth 221/322 inside the ITCO Container Village, as well as open air, platform 3/1 from 5-8 May. 

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