Abbey and British Sugar win team of the year at awards

Abbey Logistics and British Sugar won team of the year at the annual Motor Transport Awards.
Formed in 2016, the Abbey Logistics and British Sugar team have developed into a fully integrated, cost-effective and high performing unit, which promoted teamwork in every aspect of the British Sugar transport contract.
The integration of the teams that produced initiatives and development on a rolling basis impressed the judges.
In 2016, Abbey Logistics took over the British Sugar transport contract, a large scale operation that saw 400,000 tonnes of bulk sugar delivered a year and 300 UK deliveries each week.
The partnership has resulted in 99% on-time delivery in 2018/19, transport cost per tonne reduced by 13% and an 80% reduction in personal injuries.
Motor Transport judges were impressed with the seamless integration of the joint team from Abbey and British Sugar.
“Abbey Logistics is completely embedded into the team at British Sugar,” said one judge. “Abbey Logistics and British Sugar are a great example of mutually beneficial and successful open-book collaboration.”

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