Abbey Logistics adds nine new road tankers to fleet

Abbey Logistics has added nine new road tankers to the British Sugar fleet.
The new tankers from Feldbinder form part of a long-term fleet replacement scheme as Abbey and British Sugar modernise their fleets used to transport bulk home grown sugar across the country.
Running more than 90 road tanker trailers and completing over 350 deliveries each week, Abbey’s transport operation on behalf of British Sugar is a major undertaking.
To ensure reliability and security of service for British Sugar’s customers, Abbey Logistics has embarked on a substantial fleet upgrade programme that includes replacing a large number of tractor units and road tankers.
The new tanks are all fitted with an improved product discharge valve which enables the driver to have much more control over the flow of product, making deliveries safer by giving the driver greater control over the discharge process.
Stewart Dickson, British Sugar’s interim head of logistics, said: “Abbey Logistics’ team of fleet engineers have worked closely with British Sugar’s logistics and commercial team to design road tankers tailored specifically for our business.
“As a result of this upgrade and refurbishment programme, our entire Abbey fleet throughout the UK will carry the message of the benefits of home grown sugar and provide our customers with the security of service they need.”
Gary Lawson, Abbey’s national fleet manager, added: “These tanks are the first Abbey has been able to specify having inherited the fleet when we began working with British Sugar. We have looked closely at the good and bad points of the fleet to understand where changes can be made.
“By identifying and understanding the weak points we have applied what we have learnt and engineered solutions and improvements to ensure the new tankers provide a reliable, robust and longer operational service life. We have also built as many of these engineering solutions as possible into the refurbishment programme which is a major step forward in standardising and strengthening the fleet.”

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