Abbey studies performance data during COVID-19 period

Abbey Logistics carried out a survey to look at the impact on HGV operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The study covered the period of operations when the roads were quiter and large numbers of the population stayed at home.
Steve Granite, CEO of Abbey Logistics, said: “We have all been trading in incredibly challenging circumstances, but as a result of quieter roads, we have seen an improvement to customer service and savings in repair and maintenance and an increase in MPG as well as nearly 6% increase in the average speed of our fleet.
“This means the fleet is doing more with less and our assets are much more productive and require less repair and maintenance thanks to more consistent driving.
“To get a better understanding of these benefits, how they could be sustained and what it could mean to Abbey and other operators when traffic and congestion increases, we began a project with Microlise to analyse the data to share with the sector, which will hopefully help all hauliers as we come out of the crisis and potentially also help influence decisions around traffic management and congestion in the future.”
Abbey Logistics and Microlise began analysing Abbey’s journey metrics for its fleet of 550 drivers, 400 trucks and 550 bulk liquid and powder tankers with initial results covering the period 30 days prior to and 30 days post, the UK lockdown.
The results showed that the average speed improved group-wide by an average of 5.66% from 36.6mph to 38.8mph. Miles per gallon also improved by 2.6%.
There was also an improvement in CO2 emissions across the group of 3.9% compared with February.
The results revealed there was also a decrease in engine idling while cruise control increased.

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