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The Deutscher Verband für Tankinnenreinigung (DVTI) is the German trade association for professional, certified tank cleaning stations, and as a member of the European Association of Tank Cleaning Organisations (EFTCO) it represents their interests.
Now with a total of 109 members, 155 cleaning stations are represented and supervised by DVTI in Germany, which also allows them to use the widely recognised EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD).
The organisation is located in Huerth, near Cologne.

Vital operations

The association was founded in 2004 with its set purpose of representing all of its members’ interests.
DVTI members are professional operators of tank cleaning stations, specialising in the cleaning of liquid and powder transportation vessels, such as road tanker trucks, tank containers, rail tanker cars and smaller units like intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).
Within the logistics chain of liquids and powders, the vessels need to be cleaned after unloading to prepare them for the next load and to avoid product contamination by the next product to be loaded.
The products cleaned include chemical products, products defined as hazardous cargo during transportation, and food and food-related products in separate cleaning bays.
All these different product types require varying cleaning processes, which are customised to fit these various items.
DVTI’s members document the cleaning process by using the ECD.
The authorisation for the use of the ECD is dependent on regular quality control by a CEFIC SQAS-Audit and a quality inspection to ensure all requirements are fulfilled.
This quality inspection is carried out by the national cleaning associations.
The written results of the SQAS Audit Report can also be used by the loading and transportation industry to check if their necessary quality demands can be fulfilled.
EFTCO supervises its various European members – the national tank cleaning associations – to guarantee and follow these regulations.
The ECD guarantees Europe-wide usage of a standardised documentation format and the use of EFTCO-Codes to record the cleaning process.
This makes the ECD a standardised document, so that it is readable and understandable, and so independent of language barriers. DVTI strictly supervises the release of ECDs in the country.
By using a unique numbeing system, the total number of ECDs and cleaning stations who have issued the documentation is always traceable.
A spokesman for the DVTI said: “The past two years have been difficult ones within the industry brought on by an increase in energy costs while changing to renewable energy sources.”

Main focus

DVTI members have had a significant influence on EFTCO Food Assessment, launched in 2013, to fulfil the quality demands of the food loading industry.
Cleaning stations that have successfully joined the EFTCO Food Assessment are allowed to use the logo. DVTI is heavily promoting this.
The German organisation has set for itself the objective of promoting, safeguarding and developing safety standards, workplace safety, environmental protection and quality assurance in tank cleaning.
Annual meetings with its members promote the exchange of information, accompanied by seminars and training videos on, for example, safe entry into tanks.
Moreover, DVTI sees itself as a partner of the shipping industry and its logistics partners. Members of DVTI already cover a market share of more than 94% of the cleaning volume in the country.
The spokesman added: “DVTI strongly believes that all improvements can only be realised on a European level with EFTCO as a strong association with the local knowledge and assistance of all EFTCO members. All interested cleaning stations are always welcome to contact DVTI to discuss the benefits of applying for membership.
“Our members are open to new projects like embracing greater digitalisation and that is why we support ECLIC’s initiative to drive this forward with a key element being the digitalisation of the cleaning document into an electronic one, the eECD. This cannot be a one-way street and it needs the full commitment of all participants within the industry, whether in transport or tank cleaning.”

For more information: dvti.de

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