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Moreno Romanini, technical manager at OMZ, speaks to Tank Cleaning Magazine, about its successes and challenges the company faces.
Can you tell us a bit about your containers that are used within tank washing plants and can you explain how they work?
At OMZ, we help meet the needs of our customers to speed up assembly operations by creating thermal and pumping plants in 10ft or 20ft containers with a class 0 fire resistance rating. Our containers include internal lighting systems, ventilation openings with rainproof blades as well as anti-mouse nets and flues. They also include external connections for water, electricity and fuel. The containers are, therefore, able to be fed to internal washing systems for tanks, rail tankers and external washing systems for vehicles with irregular bodywork and chassis. The containers are internally lined with acoustic and thermal insulation and can be heated with forced ventilation, if needed.
What are the advantages of this system?
The benefits vary according to our customers’ needs. First of all, as mentioned above, the assembly operations are speeded up as the customer receives practically the entire feeding system in the container. They only need to connect it to their washing system. Secondly, there is greater cost-effectiveness for the customer, who does not have to carry out any initial work to house the equipment. The design of the whole system is also carried out by OMZ according to the needs of the customer. Lastly, the positioning of these containers does not require approval from the relevant municipalities or councils.
What has the last 12 months been like for OMZ?
Fortunately, for OMZ, the last 12 months have been more than positive. Our products are always in great demand and it is gratifying for us to be the reference point for many of our customers, both for the construction of new systems and for the care and maintenance of existing ones. Many of our customers ask us to help with their tank washing systems, even if they were not initially built by us, both for maintenance and for integrating our advanced management systems into these plants. At the last event we attended in May, the Autopromotec in Bologna, our stand was well visited and we got a lot of interest from potential customers.
Has the increase in gas and energy prices added to financial pressures within the company?
It goes without saying that the war between Russia and Ukraine has put pressure on the global economy. Inflation has risen and is currently still rising. The prices of raw materials and transportion costs have increased, in some cases by higher than 100%. Furthermore, given the growing difficulty in finding raw materials, delivery times have also been considerably lengthened. OMZ, in order to contain prices, has sought where possible, to store in bulk the most commonly used components, to help cushion the rise in costs. This will also help minimise waiting times for our new systems.
Do you think things will improve next year?
Unfortunately, the situation is not easy. Countries in Europe must agree to set a ceiling on energy and gas prices. Concrete help is needed for companies that currently have serious difficulties in continuing their business. Only in this way will they be able to resume investing with confidence. At OMZ, we understand how difficult it is today to manage a tank washing plant without being able to control costs and, in our small way, we try to ensure that the impact of the economic situation falls as little as possible on the customer. For example, we can do this by working with technologies that make it possible to diversify the fuel used, liquid or gaseous, without needing to change the equipment.

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