APLICA charts a course for the year ahead

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It’s been a busy 12 months for APLICA – a founding member of the European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations more than 30 years ago. Membership over the past year has increased steadily with several new tank cleaning companies signing up. APLICA is made up of companies whose primary activity is the internal cleaning of road tankers – an essential cog in the logistics supply chain.
New membership
The organisation had an additional eight new members join the association in the past 12 months – bringing the total number onboard to 80. The organisation also reported that it distributed a total of 512,000 EFTCO Cleaning Documents (ECD) over the course of the last year.
However, this number was down from the previous 12 months despite an increase in membership.
Among its members is the Sitra Group, a Belgian company that has one cleaning station in the north of France, which acquired Abbey Logistics at the end of last year.
Abbey is one of the UK’s marketleading road tanker logistics firms for bulk food powders and liquids.
David Saelens, CEO of SITRA Group: “This is a milestone in Sitra’s history to acquire a renowned, wellestablished company like Abbey. “Together with our partner Creafund we have been working almost a year on this deal and to now welcome the whole Abbey family to the SITRA Group feels like the cherry on the cake.
“We have not only acquired a great company but we also welcome some of the best individuals in our industry.
“We are very much looking forward to welcoming and introducing every Abbey member in our organisation.
“Abbey will continue to operate under its own name and colours and SITRA is not intending to change the organisation that Abbey is today.”
New developments
APLICA president Damien Becquet announced the development of its new operational software called the APLICA Cleaning Software (ACS) for its cleaning stations.
He told Tank Cleaning Magazine: “This is a significant project that will have no equivalent on the European market in terms of capabilities. “It will become available from this summer.
“The designated provider is a company called DELSSI that is located in Lille. As of today, a total of 19 stations have already ordered this new software, and others have expressed interest in the technology that will help improve efficiencies.”
On the issue of the electronic ECD (eECD) which the organisation and EFTCO have been eager to promote – take-up has been slow. Becquet added: “So far no station in the country uses the eECD.
However, the introduction of the eECD 2.0 will likely change members’ habits this year. It is an intermediate solution which I am hopeful with prove to be popular.”
APLICA continues to fight against rogue cleaning stations and the association is in constant contact with the French Ministry for the Environment. The aim of this is to ensure that the association’s rules are adhered to, taking into consideration internal regulations and their annexes, as well as EFTCO’s rules for washing stations using the eECD.
APLICA’s members are required to comply with French regulations concerning discharges (in the municipality or in the natural environment). There are two main ways to monitor compliance with wastewater treatment regulations.
Firstly when applying for membership and, secondly, companies must send in documentation on water usage to APLICA as well as through an internal audit. He said: “APLICA regularly raises awareness with authorities and shippers about the possibility of the development of unauthorised stations, which could lead to unfair competition.
“Over time, this action is bearing fruit, and the situation has improved.”
Becquet concluded by saying that two new challenges are emerging for European stations.
He added: “The increasing cost of energy and the need to reduce water consumption are two key areas that need to be addressed. Our next General Assembly will be dedicated to these topics. “This will likely require added investment as well as a shift in mindsets.”
For more information: Visit: aplica-asso.fr

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