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BOASSO AMERICA™, was established in 1985 and today, as BOASSO GLOBAL, is the leading US provider of depot and road transport services to the bulk liquid industry.
The company specialises in supporting the rapid growth of the intermodal tank container industry across the US.
Working with a broad client base including both shippers and the world’s leading bulk liquid tank operators (NVOs) the business has grown to a network of 17 terminals strategically located within close proximity to key ports, transportation hubs and customer manufacturing plants.
Business model
Based on this success, BOASSO expanded its coverage area into Europe in 2016 with the acquisition of UK market leader Isotank Services, which ran six established depot locations with complimentary trucking operations.
The strategy was clear – to align our network to that of our NVO and shipper customers.
So, like the US, each depot is strategically positioned close to manufacturing industries and the major UK ports for both deep-sea, short-sea Europe and bulk transportation activities. Combined with the existing client base of BOASSO AMERICA, the wealth of Isotank expertise was retained after acquisition, facilitating a smooth transition into the UK bulk liquid services market. It also led to the establishment of a new name to reflect our ambitions – BOASSO GLOBAL.
Expansion into Europe followed in 2017, adding the former Den Hartogh depot locations in Botlek and Dordrecht in the Netherlands, Amiens in France and Barcelona in Spain.
Growth continued in 2018 and 2019 with strategic acquisitions located in the chemical industry heartland of Germany, Kobler Tankwagenreinigung und Transport in Mutterstadt and Butefuhr u. Sohn located in Duisburg, both of which provided the full service of transport and road tanker/tank container services.
Global shutdown
The pandemic and all of its repercussions temporarily halted further expansion, but provided an opportunity to add transport operations in the Netherlands to bring us up to full service, while also starting the work to consolidate and align systems, processes and customer portfolios across the European organisation.
The last quarter of 2021 saw a return to ‘business as usual’, reviving the opportunity for further BOASSO expansion with the acquisition of PM Rees & Sons.
The firm, located close to the port of Barry, was established by Peter Rees over 40 years ago and again provides the full service of transport, tank cleaning and storage facilities to the South Wales chemical industry shippers and tank container operators. Most recently on the 1st April this year the acquisition of Frans de Wit International Transport BV, and associated companies was completed.
Based in Moerdijk, Netherlands, Frans de Wit is an established service provider to the industrial gas industry with road transport, storage and associated services.
For further information visit boassoglobal.com

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