Awash with success

OMZ has been providing tank washing services to customers for almost 70 years.
An industrial producer of highly automated washing systems, OMZ ranks among one of the leaders in its field, boasting a broad range of rotary washing equipment used as a benchmark by competitors. OMZ has been committed to identifying the most innovative solutions to satisfy the needs and demands of its market. In the early 1980s, OMZ decided to focus its operations on the design and development of high-pressure washing systems able to guarantee the highest level cleaning of tankers (according to EFTCO directives), tank cars, and the chassis of both road and rail vehicles.
The technology and great versatility of OMZ systems has ensured the diffusion of its products worldwide.
These systems, developed at the company’s own facilities in Santo Stefano Ticino in the outskirts of Milan, rely on proven technology such as rotary washing heads (ATEX certified) in production since the 1970s, driven by a special series of hot and cold water pump units whose flow rate and pressure performance characteristics have been developed specifically by OMZ technicians.
These pump units are for high pressures between 50 and 800 bar with flow rates from 20 to 380 litres per minute. The systems can be completely customised, because at OMZ all client ideas and needs are carefully evaluated.
OMZ supports client by carefully studying and designing the systems based on the specific needs expressed, and offering consultancy services where necessary for any masonry works required by the system itself.
Each system, after its design and development, is tested by a team of experts, which also offers clients aftersales assistance for maintenance works.
For OMZ, maintenance is one of the most critical stages carried out. To provide and guarantee the best possible assistance, OMZ has a constant supply of spare parts in its warehouse – no waiting times, offering shipments two hours after order placement when needed, with delivery of the requested material within 24 hours. Moreover, it also has fully equipped mobile machine shops and satellite warehouses distributed throughout Europe, all this to ensure rapid and efficient assistance.
To speed up system assembly operations, OMZ has developed pumping stations and thermal stations installed inside containers with class 0 fire-resistance rating.
The containers are complete with all ancillary systems, including internal lighting system, aeration openings with rain guards and anti-mouse netting, flue and external water, electricity and fuel connections.
The equipped containers are, therefore, able to power its internal tanker and tank car washing systems and chassis washing systems. OMZ offers a range of products including recirculating washing systems for tankers used to transport aggressive products that are difficult to remove, such as latex, resins and welding stains. Another product is the washing system with automated hydraulic arm to wash the inside of compaction compartments in garbage collection vehicles. Finally, OMZ employs multilingual technicians for its consultancy and system maintenance services.
All its washing systems are supplied with customisable software which is able to generate all types of reports and statistics, including traceability of cleaning and washing data.
The OMZ plant is also fully equipped for the production of reliable, technologically advanced external washing systems featuring the innovative touchless system for special vehicles whose body cannot be treated by normal rotary brush systems, IBC cleaning and washing systems, steam production and distribution systems. OMZ is also interconnected with the systems it produces thanks to the remote assistance service offered to clients. Every problem, even the smallest issue, is always assessed with utmost priority to guarantee our clients a first-class aftermarket experience.
For more information: Visit: omzsrl.it

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