Back on the road swiftly as idling is costly

Maximum utilisation can only be guaranteed if tankers and vehicles are quickly back on the road.
Industrial and commercial containers are not only filled and emptied repeatedly during their life cycle.
Depending on how they are used, they also need to be cleaned regularly to remove contamination such as food residues, latex, limescale, rust, cement, copper debris, paint, adhesive, resin and a lot more.
Therefore, tank cleaning is a circular process, which means the effort required for maintenance and care adds up quickly.
Downtime during which the container cannot be used is also an im-portant cost factor.
The same applies to SLC and intermediate bulk container cleaning carried out by transport companies.
This is where the solutions supplied by special chemicals manufactur-ers make the difference, for example, with Caramba’s TR 7 internal cleaning concentrate.
“Cleanliness determines whether new loads can be picked up and this translates into cash-in-hand,” explained Patrick Maione, segment manager of Caramba's wash market segment.
The water-based alkaline cleaner dissolves adhesives, resins, paints, and varnishes quickly and efficiently.
Another benefit of the product is that no costly occupational protec-tion measures are required. However, a high-performance product also requires a perfectly coordinated process.
Maione concluded: "Before we recommend a cleaning agent to our customers, we conduct a thorough analysis of the cleaning process on site based on our core principles.”

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