Bertschi joins ECTA workgroup to improve supply chain visibility

Bertschi, a global logistics service provider for the chemical industry, has joined a recently launched ECTA workgroup to improve supply chain visibility within bulk liquid flows.

The workgroup, which has been established by ECTA – the European Chemical Transport Association – aims to develop a ‘Transport Data and Message Definition Framework’ to improve end-to-end supply chain visibility and collaboration across the chemical logistics bulk liquid industry.

In addition to Bertschi, logistics companies Den Hartogh and Hoyer set up the initiative, which aims to introduce standardisation into the supply chain. The initial focus will be on providing reliable and continuous update ETAs and transport milestone messages, avoiding the exchange of huge volumes of raw data and differences in interpretation of ETAs.

The scope of the initiative is not limited to standardisation in transport messages; it will also look into other areas in the logistics process where standardisation would lead to higher efficiency.

“As Bertschi believes this is an important step towards further optimisation, we have joined this ECTA workgroup,” Bertschi said in a statement. “We look forward to work together with other actors in the chemical liquid bulk supply chain to make this initiative a success.”

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