Bertschi tank cleaning site hosts special training session for customers and employees

The Aldrees-Bertschi container terminal in Saudi Arabia where tank cleaning operations take place was the venue for a special event.
A training session for customers and employees was planned as a way to strengthen bilateral relationships as well as to ensure Bertschi employees are working to the highest standards.
The special training week was conducted in November at the Jubail facility.
The Aldrees-Bertschi terminal handles the logistical processes of the company’s global and Middle Eastern customers.
The facility has a tank container repair workshop as well as a state-of-the-art tank container cleaning facility. Both are built and operated according to Bertschi's high standards.
Roger Gloor, the deputy head of the technical department of the Bertschi Group, flew to Al Jubail to conductthe ISO tank container training.
More than 80 participants from different organisations were present and customers got a deeper insight into the technical aspects of the business.
Gloor highlighted the side of the business that included handling, design, heating, cooling, and cleaning of tank containers.
He also spoke about maintenance and the advantages of telematics.
Further training session were conducted by Gloor for Bertschi terminal staff, tank container workshop staff and tank container cleaning staff. Finally, the depot was also subjected to a full assessment.
"I talked to a lot of people, colleagues and customers, and learned a lot about the culture and the country. It was just great and certainly in line with the spirit of the times. A great country, a super Aldrees-Bertschi team and a valuable week has come to an end," said Gloor.
After the successful training week, Aldrees-Bertschi will continue to offer further training sessions for its employees and partners in a move to strengthen the safety culture and promote knowledge sharing. For more information: info@bertschi.com

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