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Can you tell me a bit about the history of Delisle Lavage?
In 1991, Delisle Lavage established its first washing station in La Ferté-Gaucher, followed by Fagnières in 1996. The acquisition of a new site in Lillebonne in 2007 enabled the company to have a third washing station, currently handling 80 to 100 washes per day. Delisle Lavage was first and foremost born from an internal need in Delisle, and used its know-how in the field of transport and washing to develop and make its services accessible to all transport companies. Over the last five years, the company has expanded its network by incorporating, purchasing and constructing a further 20 cleaning stations. In October last year, Delisle inaugurated its 24th station in the country – Delisle Lavage Verdun.
How many tank cleaning facilities do you have and can you elaborate on your operations in France?
Since 2018, Delisle has undergone several takeovers, resulting in the operation of 24 washing stations across the country.
These stations cater to the cleaning of liquid, bulk, powdery alimentary, industrial, and chemical products. What is noteworthy is Delisle Lavage’s expertise in chemical washing with dedicated facilities in stations like Lillebonne, Saint-Soupplets, Bollène, Connantre, Saran and the recently added Verdun facility.
All these cleaning stations are certified by EFTCO/APLICA.
Can you outline some sustainability measures that you have incorporated? Delisle Lavage actively participates in the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) programme to prevent plastic proliferation. The company has implemented a pre-wash plastic recovery system and various measures to limit the environmental impact. For instance, during food tank washing, the first “rinse juice” is recovered for methanisation.
Powdery products are collected in dedicated dumpsters and rainwater recovery is employed to reduce the energy and the environmental impact. The company also uses a process for rainwater recovery and the objective is to reduce the energy and environmental impact by helping to conserve groundwater reserves. Rainwater is recovered through our roof installation, stocked in tanks, and reused for exterior washing, as well as the first industrial washing cycles.
You are a member of APLICA – how important is the organisation in your opinion?
Delisle Lavage’s membership in APLICA/ EFTCO is crucial for representation on French and European territories. Their affiliation enables the granting of the EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD), which is essential for quality assurance with shippers. Compliance with APLICA/EFTCO regulations is a prerequisite, thus ensuring adherence to environmental protection standards for classified installations. Currently, Delisle has eight certified APLICA/EFTCO cleaning stations in France.
Are there any growth plans in the pipeline?
Over the next few years, Delisle is aiming to have the majority of its washing stations join the EFTCO/APLICA network. The company’s main areas of improvement and development include increasing the training for staff, both theoretical and practical, on-site support from local technical and management teams, and heightened internal audits for operational and quality matters.
Can you explain some of the services and cleaning facilities that you have at Delisle Lavage?
We have carried out several developments for chemical cleaning, which is a market that is growing fast in France. Delisle Lavage offers comprehensive cleaning services for various types of tanks, including tank trucks, cisterns, containers and IBCs. Each washing station is equipped with rotary hot water high-pressure heads, drying equipment and steam for efficient chemical cleaning. Additional services include disinfection, chemical sanitisation, interior tank renovation, passivation, steaming, heating services and external washing through high-pressure tracks and washing gantries at selected locations. The company welcomes transport companies from both France and from across Europe.

For more information: Visit: www.delisle-lavage.com. We also have a Facebook and Linkedin page. For further details contact Mr Renault on + 33 6 17 34 92 66

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