Cefic members ‘pushed capacity limits’ during COVID-19 emergency

Lockdowns across Europe are slowly easing
Lockdowns across Europe are slowly easing
“COVID-19 is a pandemic requiring a pan-European response,” stated the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) president Daniele Ferrari.
The increase in production of critical supplies included disinfectants, diagnostic tests, ventilators, protective masks, gloves and gowns, intensive care unit medicines and equipment and protective clothing during the pandemic.
He said: “The COVID-19 outbreak has affected us all in one way or another. It has disrupted the way the EU institutions, governments and companies all across the world operate. Times like these require a pro-active, flexible and innovative approach.”
Understanding the responsibility in this unprecedented crisis, Cefic’s members pushed their capacity limits to meet the increase in demand for essential supplies in the countries where they operate.
“The European chemical industry did not stop at increasing essential supplies,” Ferrari continued. “Our members went on to shift production lines, donate supplies or funds and invest in research for coronavirus testing.”
To shift production processes to adapt to the new needs, some members set up emergency production lines,...

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Lockdowns across Europe are slowly easing