Cleaning up with special agents

TURCO Spain has established a prominent presence in the European tank cleaning market in recent years, thanks to its Transmaster NF product.
This special cleaning agent has proven its superior performance in tackling the toughest chemical residues including resins, additives, latex, dispersions, fatty acids and many more.
Cleaning agent
TURCO's best-selling product offers an extremely good solution for tackling challenging cleaning tasks.
With this product, operators can efficiently accomplish a wide range of difficult cleaning operations - saving both time and labour.
The company said that what sets it apart from other products on the market is its unique compatibility with steam, which significantly enhances its performance.
By harnessing the power of steam in conjunction with Transmaster NF, operators can achieve exceptional cleaning results that surpass the capabilities of alternative solutions.
However, in certain cases, particularly with dedicated containers, the accumulation of dried and old residues necessitates more intensive measures.
A spokeman said: “We are not talking here about entering the tank - for TURCO, this is a basic premise — operators must avoid entering a tank for manual cleaning or circulation systems, which, although effective, are not available to all cleaning centres.”

To address these challenges, TURCO has developed a ground-breaking cleaning system known as the A+S Process.
This innovative solution effectively eliminates stubborn residues by combining two specialised products with the application of steam and high temperature.
Unlike traditional solvent cleaners, the A+S Process does not dissolve the residues. Instead, it effectively strips away the solidified deposits from the tank walls using the pressure from the cleaning heads after the recommended waiting time.
The A+S Process has become the ultimate solution for critical situations involving dedicated containers, as well as other special cases where cleaning has been neglected and seems almost hopeless.
Furthermore, this process finds another valuable application in the cleaning of dismantled parts.
By immersing the parts in the product mixture, with the appropriate temperature, the residue is softened, enabling easy removal with pressurised water.
In summary, the A+S Process perfectly complements the cleaning capabilities of Transmaster NF and conventional alkaline cleaners.
The spokesman added: “It represents a cutting-edge solution that enhances the effectiveness and versatility of the tank cleaning process, ensuring exceptional results even in the most challenging scenarios.
“TURCO is constantly working to maintain its leading position in the market of cleaning agents for tank cleaning.”

For more information: Visit: turco-spain.com/tankcleaning

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