Cloud platform for tank cleaning facilities

Ever since ONEtobeONE started in 2008, the goal has always been to offer a platform that benefits the entire tank transport supply chain.
With more than 12,000 companies already connected, ONEtobeONE has become a sizeable platform within the tank transport sector, attracting more suppliers, carriers and cleaning stations each month.
Carriers use it to send out a large number of cleaning orders every week to more than 200 cleaning stations across Europe.
The growth of ONEtoCLEAN, the tank cleaning part of the ONEtobeONE platform, has increased over the past year with more cleaning stations applying for a free or paid subscription.
What makes ONEtoCLEAN so interesting for tank cleaning operations?
ONEtoCLEAN is a fully cloud-based software used to administer cleaning orders. With its specific built-in functions, the platform offers tailored software for both food and chemical cleaning stations.
By using modern technologies such as terminals for data entry, QR codes for archiving European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations Cleaning Documents and interfaces to communicate with financial systems or cleaning installations, ONEtoCLEAN software fits perfectly in the process.
“Being the best in the business requires you to always take the next step first,” said Freek van Erp, the owner of the Combo Group, situated in Born, Limburg, which uses the system.
“As owner of the company I’m always looking for ways to improve and be one step ahead so I can offer the best services to our customers.
“We are a one-stop-shop that offers transport-related services such as depot, repair and tank cleaning services to our transport partners from all over Europe.
“I selected ONEtoCLEAN because I saw the potential in which it will improve our process and services. “We can offer better quality services and save a lot of time on our administration and internal processes.
“I really like the innovative solutions of ONEtoCLEAN and the way it uses modern technologies to create efficiency and new opportunities for me as a customer.”
For more information: Visit: onetobeone.com/cleaners or email info@onetobeone.com.

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