Company driven to help national effort as global pandemic takes its toll

A UK-based bulk liquid and powder logistics firm is backing the national effort to see the country through the coronavirus pandemic.
Abbey Logistics has announced it will pay frontline employees a recognition payment at the end of the year. This move, the company said, was an acknowledgement for their staff’s hard work and commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The scheme is aimed at drivers, wash bay, warehouse, planning and workshop teams, whose roles are vital to keep the wheels turning and provide essential supplies to the UK’s crucial supply chains.
To ensure staff do not continue to work if they need to self-isolate, Abbey said it will top up sick pay for frontline staff for two weeks to be no less than £300 or 80% of their full-time weekly wage.  Employees who currently receive £300 or above whilst off work sick will continue to receive the higher payment.  The move is to protect Abbey employees from financial hardship should they need to be absent due to COVID-19.
Abbey Logistics’ CEO Steve Granite said the transport company wanted to acknowledge staff that are putting themselves on the frontline to ensure the UK continues to have a secure supply chain of food and essential medicines whilst providing financial support for our key workers who need to self-isolate.
He said: “Logistics workers are on the frontlines, ensuring the public has access to the food and essential products they need during this pandemic.
“Our teams are working around the clock to keep food, pharmaceutical and other essential manufacturers stocked with ingredients to ensure products are produced and on the shelves.

“We want to acknowledge the dedication and commitment that our frontline teams are showing and reassure them that if they need to self-isolate, they will be supported while they stay at home and recover.”

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