Cotac expands worldwide and doubles capacity

The Cotac group has almost doubled the number of service sites for cleaning, workshop and depot services to 12 stations worldwide.
This is addition to the seven branches operating in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.
Since the end of October, the provider has added new sites for comprehensive tank container services in the US, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.
Cotac specialises in cleaning containers for chemical products, liquefied gases and foodstuffs.
In addition to repairing tank containers, road tankers, intermediate bulk containers and mini pressure tanks, the portfolio also includes modifications as well as servicing and certification.
With its historic roots in the strong European market, the group is now expanding into regions of the world that are relevant to chemicals logistics, and its facilities are located close to central freight handling ports and logistics hubs.
Managing director Lars Nennhaus said: “We support customers exactly where they ask for our portfolio of performances and services.
“We can further optimise the customer supply chain by expanding our worldwide network.”
The company, with its headquarters in Hamburg, employs around 700 people worldwide.
In Houston, US, the Cotac site, with its services in the vicinity of the city’s port, covers an area of 130,000 m2 with 600 tank container storage spaces, a workshop and 11 cleaning lines.
Altogether, the company now has at its disposal an approximate area of 500,000 m2 and 12,000 storage bays at its depots, and around 100 cleaning lines.
This enables around 200,000 cleaning operations and 100,000 workshop orders to be carried out for its customers every year.
Nennhaus added: “By enlarging the number of sites, we have completed another important step in our global expansion strategy. More projects are in the planning phase.”

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