East meets west

CTW Cleaning Systems is a well-known Belgian manufacturer of tank cleaning, car wash and truck wash installations with more than 35 years of technical knowledge and experience. It has a strong track record in initiating tank cleaning projects in Europe and abroad.
After the completion of tank cleaning projects for Katoen Natie in Belgium and Germany, the company also recently finished the installation of a new tank cleaning facility in Rayon, Thailand.
Cleaning installations
This new facility included a brand new cleaning hall, which is equipped with one washing lane for the cleaning of silo tanks. The entire cleaning installation is custom-built and designed according to all relevant safety standards in Thailand.
The heart of the installation is located in the technical room, which features a high pressure tank cleaning unit comprising of Uraca high pressure pumps (220l/100 bar). It also includes one high pressure unit (40l/150 bar) for manual cleaning, a low pressure dosing unit with one dosing pump and four water-driven washing heads (50l/100 bar).
Washing lane accessories include trolleys, automatic HP valves for washing heads, automatic hose reels, water softeners, a heating boiler and a dryer system. To simplify the cleaning process, there are pre-set washing programmes installed that help to reduce the likelihood of human error.
The installation is also equipped with a programmable logic control system and is connected to a management system that can print washing programmes, orders, forms and certificates. The entire technical installation was completely developed, prepared and tested at CTW’s plant in Belgium, before being transferred to Thailand. CTW will also install a new tank cleaning installation for Garramoné in Potenza, Italy.
This new facility will consist of two washing lanes for chemicals. Additionally, Abac Logistics in Liverpool is collaborating with CTW Cleaning Systems to renovate its old tank cleaning installation. This new installation has been constructed specifically for the cleaning of food and chemical tanks and consists of four washing lanes.
Latex cleaning
CTW has also set up a latex cleaning unit for Antwerp Tank Cleaning (Van Loon), which is located in the port of Antwerp, as well as for another customer, Tankclean Sweden AB, at its site in Gothenburg. This cleaning unit is loaded with a mixture of chemicals and water, which is heated and then circulated in a tank container. Tests revealed very good cleaning results on a wide range of products known to be difficult to clean, like old dried residues, resins and latex.
Until recently, several Tankclean Sweden customers have had to regularly ship empty dirty tank containers out of the Scandinavian country due to the difficulties with cleaning some of these products. Following the investment, Tankclean can now keep these tanks in Sweden and reload them locally after cleaning. There is now no need to ship empty dirty tanks out and replace them with clean ones.
Patrik Fagerström, CEO of Tankclean, said: “This investment is not only a new cleaning service, it’s actually a game changer that cuts customers’ logistics costs and reduces the downtime for tank containers. By doing this, we offer a tool to overcome container shortages in Sweden.”
The main chemical cleaning programme consists of a twohour circulation spin and a rinse programme with water afterwards. There will be an option to add extra hours of chemical cleaning if required after the main wash is completed.
For more information: Visit: ctwcleaning.com

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