ECTA releases latest best practice guide for chemical industry

The European Chemical Transport Association (ECTA) just published two new best practice guidelines for the European chemical logistics industry.
ECTA work groups have been focussing on two specific fields – transport order data standards within bulk chemicals and equipment master data.
“The objective of this guideline on transport order data standards is to give guidance how to facilitate electronic data exchange in bulk logistics,” said Peter Devos, ECTA managing director and work group speaker.
Electronic data exchange across companies has become more important in order to improve productivity and implementation time through standardising the data formats between supply chain actors.
“The importance to bring chemical logistics to the next level in terms of safety, quality and sustainability, the digital exchange of standardised and structured logistics equipment master data is gaining,” added Devos.
With the focus on future prognoses that data exchanges at loading and unloading places will be done digitally, ECTA created a structured and standard equipment data framework.
This results benefits for both, customers and suppliers to better address the more complex business needs and equipment requirements, ECTA concluded.

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