Expansion success at STR Tank-Container Cleaning location

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The STR Tank-Container Cleaning location in Schwarzheide now has two additional 3,000 sq m covered storage halls.
The new state-of-the-art warehouse facilities owned by Berstchi have a combined capacity of 5,200 spaces.
This expansion is an addition to the existing warehouse complex and outdoor storage area in Schwarzheide.
Back in 2016, STR introduced a warehouse complex comprising three spacious storage halls, boasting a total capacity of approximately 8,500 storage spaces. In 2019, an outdoor storage area spanning 15,660 sq m was developed on nearby land, designed to accommodate an innovative box container storage concept with approximately 1,000 spaces.
In response to the escalating demand for covered storage space, two additional covered storage halls were planned.
Each hall, spanning 3,000 sq m, would contribute to providing a comprehensive storage solution, with a combined capacity of up to 5,200 spaces, all without the need for shelving.
In April 2023, STR held the groundbreaking ceremony for excavation work. From there, meticulous planning and execution characterized each phase of the project.
The successful trial operations were completed for the first storage hall on February 1.
Subsequent completion of the second storage hall, coupled with the finalization of all surrounding works, paved the way for full operational activities commenced on March 1.
“Our success in delivering this ambitious project within the stipulated timeframe is attributed to the dedicated efforts of our on-site staff, as well as the invaluable support and collaboration of our partners and contractors,” said Lukas Hunziker, project manager BU Solutions.
“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all involved, as their contributions have been instrumental in laying the foundation for our continued growth and success.”

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