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As an international association, ENFIT develops guidelines and standards for the safe and hygienic transport of food and feed, chemical products and dangerous goods.
This ranges from the technical suitability of the transport units, loading, transport, unloading, cleaning and/or disinfection and traceability.
The focus is on transport units such as road tankers, silo vehicles, tank container, IBCs, tank wagons, refrigerated and box vehicles, reefer and sea freight containers, through to special vehicles in agriculture.
Rising energy costs are increasingly burdening the logistics and transport sectors. This also applies to cleaning stations.
This is because a lot of energy is required for hot water, steam and the operation of the cleaning technology.
Transport containers have to be clean when transporting food and feed, so strict hygiene standards have to be met.

Cleaning without energy is impossible
ENFIT has developed its certified Green Cleaning seal of approval to ensure a balance is struck between energy-saving processes and the requirement for cleanliness and top hygiene.
This is awarded to cleaning stations that use energy-saving technologies, such as solar or wind energy, and use the energy-optimised ENFIT cleaning programmes for cleaning.
ENFIT represents the interests of its international members and takes part in exchange programmes with national and international organisations.
These include the European Commission, BfR Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Food Control, WHO, FDA Food and the US Drug Administration. There is also cooperation with Jewish rabbinates as well as those associated with the Islamic faith.
ENFIT also works closely with chemical and logistics associations such as BAM and ADR.
Its members include companies from the logistics and transport sectors, cleaning stations, depots, inspection and testing organisations, workshops and the manufacturing industry (food, animal feed and chemicals).
These include the manufacturers of cleaning technologies, detergents, certification and consulting companies.
These cooperation partners include GMP+ International (feed), BVLK-Federal Association of Food Inspectors, Die Alimentaren, EQA-Education and Qualification Alliance, Blockchain-Europe, bulkvision as well as BA-Sachsen-University.
What's new at ENFIT? The first international ENFIT Guideline Food-Feed covering transport of unpackaged raw materials, food and feed in transport containers has been published. It is a PDF document, covering some 200 pages. Request it free of charge by sending an email to info@enfit.eu.

ENFIT cleaning standards and ENFIT HQF certification

As part of the development of the ENFIT Guideline, ENFIT cleaning programmes for food and feed cleaning, as well as for cleaning according to kosher and halal requirements have been developed.
Cleaning stations that have successfully completed the three-stage ENFIT HQF certification process prove they have professionally trained staff and tested and approved cleaning technology.
With the additional module covering kosher and/or halal foods, cleaning stations fulfill the ENFIT HQF certification that meet these strict requirements for cleaning.
These are documented with the authorised ENFIT halal or kosher cleaning logo.

Blockchain and ECC-ENFIT cleaning certificate
ENFIT is also breaking new ground with hybrid blockchain cloud technology as well as new bulkvision software. The new software has many advantages for logistics and transport partyicularly during loading and unloading, for cleaning stations and container depots.
This new digital process tracks the location of a transport container including its expected arrival time at the loading and unloading stages while all check-in and check-out processes are completely digital.
Cleaning stations using the bulkvision blockchain cloud technology can receive the ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE® as proof of energy optimisation, high standards and transparency.
Depending on the results achieved, cleaning stations can receive either basic, basic plus, high or excellent certification.

Upstream and downstream
With greater digitalisation and the use of blockchain technology, errors that occur when reading and writing are becoming a thing of the past.
With the ENFIT bulkvision blockchain software, the tracing of all events in the supply chain is made more efficient as each event is mapped and secured in real time.
This offers those involved in logistics, transport, loading and unloading, cleaning, depot, inspection and repair a complete overview of all processes in the supply chain.

ENFIT was the first authorised organisation to develop the global ENFIT-GID standard (ITEM-ID) for the digital identification of transport units.
Alongside the bulkvision blockchain software and cloud platform, the ENFIT-GID becomes a “real-time communicator” between owners of the transport units and their service partners.
Transport units can be tracked globally at points of interest without the need for expensive GPS trackers.
Checklists can be created individually and edited directly on a smartphone or tablet.
Inspection reports, checklists, spare parts lists, seal plans, etc. can also be added digitally.
Information about loading and unloading, digital transmission of delivery documents and security seals that can be scanned with a smartphone can be used anytime and anywhere.
This also covers digital checking-in and out when loading and unloading and when accepting orders at various cleaning stations.

Digital driver identification
The bulkvision software offers complete order processing in cleaning depots and for loading and unloading.
The software offers everything from digital and contactless order acceptance, product selection, cleaning recommendations from the integrated product database with more than 85,000 data records, to the creation of the digital cleaning certificate.
The benefits for those involved are obvious as mistakes are avoided and waiting times are reduced.
Language barriers are lifted, for example, when filling out countless different registration forms at cleaning stations.
Truckers can fill out the standardised registration forms on their smartphone while the unloading process is still taking place.

For more information: Visit: enfit.eu

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