Flexible cleaning solutions

Ormonde prides itself on providing efficient premium industrial and environmental cleaning solutions including mobile rail wagon and tanker cleaning services.
The company operates from Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia and has developed its cleaning solutions to reduce customers’ running costs, increase output and to ensure its clients get the best value for money in a safe and environmental sound manner.
A company spokesman said: “We have a number of cleaning solutions and which ones to use depends on the material inside the tanker or wagon.
“The cleaning process aims to get rid of unwanted sediment including powders, liquids, ash, tar and other organic or inorganic deposits from various types of surfaces using high pressure water jetting and dry vacuuming technology.”
When it comes to hydrodynamic cleaning of tanks, devices with a maximum working pressure in the range of 500 to 3000 bar are operated with its non-man entry tank cleaning heads and specialised modified robotic cleaning technology.
For dry cleaning, the company provides cleaning solutions using its high-power industrial vacuum loaders which can generate air flow up to 9000 m3/h. Ormonde’s high-pressure pump water cleaning and the vacuum loaders cleaning solutions are fully mobile and require no electrical power.
This allows the service to be delivered directly to the place where the problem occurs, or they can operate at a distance from a given tank/cisterns if local conditions do not allow the device to be placed in the immediate vicinity.
Criteria for the selection of working parameters
The key criteria for selecting operating parameters for hydrodynamic work, as well as dry cleaning work with industrial vacuum loaders, are maximum operating pressure and efficiency (flow).
Each material tank and installation is different. It often happens that adjacent elements of industrial installations, which theoretically work under identical conditions, turn out to be soiled to a very different degree.
This requires a flexible and individual approach every time, even when working regularly within the same installation. In addition to the selection of the main parameters dedicated to a specific job, the selection of nozzles, heads, crosssections and types of high-pressure and suction hoses is equally important.
Only the proper selection of all parameters and accessories brings the expected results. Nothing can replace the knowledge and experience gained during the implementation of a large number of wagon and tank cleaning projects.
Why Ormonde?
The spokesman added: “We are a flexible, efficient cleaning solutions and services provider with very high standards. We have a track record in reducing our customers’ costs and increasing their production output.
“We are dedicated in exceeding our customers’ expectations through our know-how, commitment and ability to understand their requirements and tailoring our solutions to meet our customers’ demands. We take the safety of our personal as our highest priority and all staff undergo safety training and ongoing update safety and induction training. We believe highly practical safety procurers and standards offer our people the highest safety standards.” Z
For more information: Visit: ormonde.eu

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