High-pressure tank washing devices

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For about 50 years, PNR Italia has been instrumental in the manufacture of spray nozzles and spraying equipment for the tank cleaning industry.
The company has been offering a wide range of quality tank washers designed to fill the requirements of several industries like food, beverage, pharma, and chemical for a very long time.
Solid reputation
PNR Italia is also a leading highpressure industrial washing device market company.
The firm offers highquality cleaning solutions for various industries that has helped to solidify its reputation within the sector. Its tank washing devices are designed to tackle the challenges of high-pressure industrial cleaning – ensuring exceptional results.
The company’s R&D manager said: “We specialise in developing and manufacturing custom products tailored to the specific needs of our customers.
“What sets us apart is our focus on innovation and the quality of our products. We use advanced technologies to ensure our washing heads’ reliable and longlasting performance. Our team of experts also provides competent technical support and top-notch customer service.
“We understand the diverse needs of our customers and are committed to providing tailored solutions that improve cleaning process efficiency and reduce operational costs.”
PNR Italia insists it is an ideal partner if companies are seeking reliable, and innovative highpressure cleaning solutions.
The company is also keen to stress that it aims to deliver superior-quality products and exceptional services to meet the various industrial cleaning needs.
Its laboratory is also one of the bestequipped for testing products and it has a test bench where the performances of tank washers are tested when operated with hot water (85°C) to ensure performance is not affected by these extreme temperatures.
The required product range has been defined in about 11 different models, covering both general applications and some specific market areas.
The spokesman concluded: “The process of introducing the complete product range is still running. Three models have already reached their final targets and are now on the market.”
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