HOYER adds 50 of the latest generation smart ISO Reefer tank containers to huge fleet

The HOYER Group has one of the biggest fleets of foodstuff tank containers in the sector and a further 50 new ISO Reefers have been purchased.
Of the 50 new ISO Reefers, 25 have integrated stirrers and these tank containers have newly-developed cooling systems and the latest smart technologies linked to the Smart Portal – for greater product safety, economy and sustainability.
Brian Woudsma, global food director of the HOYER Group, explained the company’s reasons for deciding to invest in 50 new ISO Reefer tank containers.
He said: “The HOYER Group is a specialist for intermodal transport operations to meet the food sector’s high demands in the overseas area. With customised logistics solutions, we have made a strong name for ourselves in the market. This greatly increased the demand for transport services, which led us to take further strategic steps.”
The logistics specialist’s Reefer fleet size has now doubled to 100 units. Special feature of the new units are the refrigeration units attached to the tank containers, with the latest control technology and integrated stirrers.
This system allows the HOYER Group to guarantee the required temperature is maintained during the entire transport movement within the whole tank space evenly – from loading to unloading. Parameters are defined according to the respective product. This guarantees the quality of sensitive liquid foods such as fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, liquid yeast and many other products, even on lengthy transport journeys.
A heater can be used to ensure complete emptying of the tank container of certain products.
A key benefit compared to big drums is the smaller risk to the product, for example resulting from frequent pump transfers into different tanks.
Another advantage of ISO Reefer containers is that they can be used for storage purposes. This increases flexibility when planning and carrying out transport movements. The standard equipment also includes CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) cleaning units that meet high hygiene standards.
The heart of the ISO Reefer tank container is the telematics system integrated into the refrigeration controller.
As part of its digitalisation campaign, the HOYER Group is progressively equipping all its tank containers with telematics to measure parameters including location, temperature, pressure and filling level.
More than half of the fleet is already “Smart”, and the entire tank container fleet, currently 40,800 units, is scheduled to be equipped as Smart Tanks by the end of 2021.
Combination with an information and warning system that collects all the sensor data and displays it in its own online portal, almost in real time, enables optimum monitoring of the load, with proactive analysis options.
This avoids the need to manually create and update complex overview tables. A single glance shows where a tank container is located, whether its temperature, filling level and pressure are within pre-defined limits, or if there is a need to take action.
Woudsma added: “Continuous temperature monitoring is especially important when transporting foodstuffs. The system raises an alarm immediately if the temperature deviates.”
Correction can take place either through the Smart Portal or directly at the tank container.
Smart Tank and Smart Portal make logistics not only safer and more secure, but also more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.
In addition, there are constant technical optimisations on the tank containers. To achieve this, the HOYER Group has its own in-house specialists. Chemists, engineers, sales and marketing experts work as a team to drive forward developments.
Hans Demarest, engineering director of the HOYER Group, said: “As a logistics company, having this in-house know-how is a significant competitive advantage and a quality factor. Due to our interdisciplinary collaboration, we are able to find the best solution for every need.”
The team also works constantly on payload optimisation of the ISO Reefer tank containers to enable transport movements to be carried out even more efficiently.
Together with the ISO Reefer tank containers, the HOYER Group also brings foods safely to their destination in other means of transport: the product portfolio includes a large number of different foodstuff tank containers as well as intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for smaller amounts of products.

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