HOYER adds 50,000th intermediate bulk container to fleet

The HOYER Group has expanded its fleet with the addition of the 50,000th intermediate bulk container (IBC). The stainless steel containers are used to transport products in the food, chemical and cosmetic industries.

The company has doubled its IBC fleet size in just five years, underlining the high level of demand for the containers.

IBCs are used worldwide for both the transport and storage of demanding chemical products and food. In this sector, HOYER offers comprehensive services, individual services packages, as well as a range of IBCs. The containers have a capacity of between 500 and 1,100 litres, and are currently used in China, Europe and the US.

The company has witnessed particular demand for heatable IBCs for the food industry, as well as cylindrical containers for the paint and coatings industry, and Mini Pressure Tanks for special chemicals.

In addition to its fleet of IBCs, HOYER offers a global network of cleaning facilities, which offer sterile and germ-free cleaning for the containers, as well as kosher and halal cleaning.

“The requirements of IBCs in terms of their features are growing,” commented Stephanie Muhs, director of IBC logistics at the HOYER Group. “We meet these not only with the right equipment, but also with comprehensive services which ensure the quality and safety of the product as well as efficient planning and delivery.

“With our fleet we can respond flexibly to our customers’ needs. What makes HOYER stand out is that it thinks ahead. This is why we are a pioneer and innovation leader in the IBC business.

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