HOYER and Energy Group work closely to supply LPG to Guernsey

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HOYER Group’s road tankers are used in intermodal transport to supply LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) to the island of Guernsey and to guarantee the energy needs of the island.
As part of this transport solution, HOYER has collaborated with Island Energy Group’s (IEG’s) staff to ensure the operation runs smoothly.
Situated off the French coast, with an area of around 65 km2 and a population of about 63,000, the British Channel Island of Guernsey is a logistics challenge because recent changes to its infrastructure no longer allow LPG supply tankers to dock.
To guarantee a reliable supply of energy to the island’s population, HOYER uses road tankers to collect product from UK refineries and deliver it to the port for loading onto a cargo ferry and shipping to the port of Guernsey, from where IEG takes over for onward delivery.
HOYER carries out the entire management of these critical infrastructure logistics.
Jonathan Lawrence, operations director Hoyer Gas and Petroleum Logistics UK, said: “From managing the inventory, loading the product at LPG storage depots, delivering it to the ferry, we work closely with our customer on the island to ensure that the onward delivery is properly coordinated. It makes us proud to know that we can support the supply to an entire island, and we are fully conscious of this responsibility.”
The transport operation is undertaken by personnel specially trained in how to handle both the product and HOYER’s specialist equipment. To ensure smooth handover to IEG, the road tankers are also fitted with a global positioning system to enable the transfer on Guernsey to be synchronised transparently and optimally.
LPG liquefied gas consists mainly of propane and butane, and is thus classified as dangerous goods. Consequently, it is subject to special transport and handling requirements.

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