HOYER excels in supply of oxygen during 12 months of the pandemic

HOYER has made an important contribution to the infrastructural support of supplies of oxygen worldwide to hospitals and medical establishments during the pandemic.
The logistics company has provided tank container equipment flexibly for worldwide use and has undertaken transport services over the past 12 months.
HOYER has been in close contact with its customers regarding the supply situation and has given drivers in its European business product-specific training.
A large number of these containers were brought into use at short notice in Brazil, Chile and Peru.
HOYER has also been a reliable partner in critical demand situations in Europe and supported oxygen supplies to hospitals and medical establishments in countries including the Czech Republic, Serbia and Croatia by providing equipment and organising intermodal transport to Eastern Europe.
Tank container deliveries to Southern Europe also allowed supplies to regions in Africa.
The company has also carried out dry ice transport movements safely and securely across Europe during the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccines.
Anna Krüger, head of business development gas in the HOYER Group, said: “Dry ice is a highly volatile product and must be handled correspondingly quickly but safely. In this respect, we can rely on our many years of expertise and flexibility, and on our large network of drivers with product-specific training.”

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