HOYER restructures with new contract division

The HOYER Group has adopted a new organisational structure to equip itself for the energy transition.
The logistics company combined its Petrolog and Gaslog business units under one roof as of New Year’s Day.
Known as the Contract Division, it unifies contract logistics for gas and mineral oil supplies.
The company said combining the highly specialised areas will develop synergies, especially at the organisational structural level.
The newly-established business unit has about 1,500 special trucks and the expertise of around 3,500 employees at its disposal.
Allan Davison, contract division director, said: “It not only enables us to develop synergies, but also already positions us to effectively and proactively meet the challenge of the energy transition in the next five to 10 years – away from petrol and diesel and towards alternative fuels such as hydrogen and LNG.”
The combination of its know-how in handling gases with its soundly-based experience of digital, system-supported supplies to service stations will enable HOYER to offer forward-looking product inventory management and supply logistics from a single source in the future.
Furthermore, bitumen logistics, aircraft refuelling and, in gas logistics, supplies to industrial customers will remain in their customary quality.

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