HOYER sharpens focus on LNG area

HOYER Group has strategically strengthened its LNG (liquefied natural gas) transport business area.
The logistics specialist company said it gained increased momentum by using LNG-fuelled trucks for road transport operations.
Growth in the need for LNG for road transport, industry and shipping is becoming noticeable as an increased demand for logistics solutions.
The HOYER Group noted these market changes and has responded by accelerating the LNG transport business.
The portfolio of services in this segment includes customised transport services and logistics concepts for three business areas – supplies to petrol stations and deliveries to industrial companies. A further pillar is supply to shipping.
Ortwin Nast, chief executive officer of the HOYER Group, said: “We can make use of many years of experience in transporting and handling industrial, chemical and special gases, and we have equally long expertise in supplying mineral oil.
“The fact that we bring gases liquefied under pressure and cryogenically safely to their destination every day is particularly due to our optimally trained drivers and dispatchers.”
The logistics specialist relies on weight-optimised, state-of-the-art equipment for maximum safety and economic efficiency. The HOYER Group has a variety of road tanker types purely for road transport. To supplement these, the fleet also comprises various different tank container sizes that are used to transport LNG. The available options include 20 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft tank containers.
The majority of both the tank containers and road tankers are equipped with a pump and measuring section. The pump has a high delivery pressure for quick unloading. The measuring section allows the amount of product unloaded to be accurately measured.

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