Imperial Chemical expands Austrian tank cleaning facility

Imperial Chemical Transport, anAustrian logistics company, has expanded its tank cleaning facility in Krems an der Donau, Austria.

The company’s third cleaning bay will help to clean tanks that hold materials such as chemical products and foodstuffs. Imperial said it is also able to clean silo vehicles and tipper trucks.

The new cleaning bay features an automated cleaning for dispersions and synthetic resins by machine, where the water and cleaning agents are recycled.

According to Imperial, this provides major improvements to the interior cleaning process and reduces water consumption and manual cleaning work. When removing any chemical residue with water pressure of 8 bar and a temperature of up to 90°C, only certified, environmentally-friendly cleaning agents are used, the company said.

In a statement, Imperial said: “By using special mixtures of water and cleaning agents, the recycling system can handle as many as 80 procedures before the elements need to be replaced.

“This is possible because the cleaning mixture, which is fed into the tank at the top, is collected at the bottom, pre-filtered, re-heated and then used again for further cleaning procedures. The wastewater is then processed in line with the latest technology and the remains of products are disposed of in the proper manner.”

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