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Transport visibility is a key priority
Transport visibility is a key priority
Transport visibility along supply chains has become a key priority over the last few years to further optimise transport flows from a safety, sustainability and efficiency point of view, according to the European Chemical Transport Association (ECTA).
Driven by digitalisation and raising expectations towards 24/7 shipment tracking, many supply chain users are looking for enhanced transparency through sharing frequent and accurate transport updates to help anticipate interruptions that could result in late deliveries of road or multimodal shipments at their destinations.
However, until now, no aligned approach within the industry has been able to answer how this transport visibility will be considered across all companies in bulk chemical logistics. Among others, three major challenges must be overcome.
First, unharmonised definitions of transport milestones and status updates lead to different interpretations and discrepancies in the information flow. Second, missing industry-wide standards with regards to data exchange formats and update triggers hamper the inter-operability and scalability of digital solutions.
Finally, most supply chain actors...

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Transport visibility is a key priority