ISTOBAL extends commercial disinfectant range in light of COVID-19 pandemic

ISTOBAL is extending its range of commercial wash equipment that sanitises fleets of trucks and other vehicles with disinfectant product.
The multinational group is increasing its range of new sanitising solutions with the aim of responding to the new cleaning needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
After a complete conventional wash, the sanitisation programme includes disinfectant biocide product that is not rinsed.
Commercial jet wash systems from the Spanish firm also have special programmes for external and internal disinfection using low pressure and the controlled application of disinfectant.
ISTOBAL has also developed automatic arches for the external disinfection of tankers, coaches and buses.
These are autonomous arches that include a detection system using photocells that are activated when vehicles pass through.
These arches have an average disinfection capacity of 1,000 vehicles per day.
For interior sanitisation, ISTOBAL has manual sprayers for discharging disinfectant on to the surfaces inside the cabin.

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