ISTOBAL hits zero water waste target in tank clean facilities

ISTOBAL has achieved zero water disposal in its tank cleaning facilities thanks to its pioneering biological recycler with an ultrafiltration system.
The system recycles up to 100% of the water in each wash in its most advanced version.
It is the first biological cleaning and recycling equipment capable of treating 100% of the water from the vehicle's exterior wash and obtaining the highest quality for its later reuse in all wash stages, including osmosis in the final finish, where fresh water is traditionally used.
It is also suitable for car, bus, tram and truck wash areas . This water recycler saves about 220 litres of water per car wash (300 litres per bus, 870 per train and 1,160 per truck wash) by reusing 100% of the water.
Based on membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, this equipment achieves optimum water quality resulting from the vehicle wash, removing solids, turbidity, 99% of bacteria and viruses, and reducing organic load and presence of surfactants.
ISTOBAL achieved maximum use of water with this equipment by being able to feed the whole wash bay with treated water, achieve zero discharge with a 100% recycling rate and avoid fresh water consumption at the final wash stage.
It is particularly recommended for recycling in high-pressure wash centres where the quality of recycled water must meet very high quality parameters when in contact with the end user.
With this new equipment, ISTOBAL is taking a further step towards the full sustainability of the sector and also makes it possible to operate wash spaces in countries with restricted pouring and/or water consumption.
Countries such as Spain, France, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands and Poland, among others, have regulations and water restrictions that affect the vehicle wash industry.

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