KROHNE milks it with new application for OPTIMASS flowmeter

KROHNE, a manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation, has introduced an application for its OPTIMASS 1400 C Coriolis mass flowmeter for use in milk production.
One example of this application is in its installation at a Chile-based milk dairy in Surlat.
This application can also be found in similar facilities around the world where trucks deliver fresh raw milk from local sources.
The meter reduces time and costs required for unloading aerated milk from road tankers and provides continuous and reliable flow measurement, eliminating unplanned shutdowns caused by equipment failure.
Made of stainless steel and with hygienic Tri-Clamp connections, the KROHNE twin straight tube (DN50) Coriolis OPTIMASS 1400 C mass flowmeter helps the dairy processing plant accurately measure milk quantities at the raw milk reception.
Featuring Entrained Gas Management (EGM), the OPTIMASS 1400 C provides reliable readings even in the event of gas entrainment in the foamy raw milk.
Foam produced due to movement and vibration of large road tankers delivering milk had caused other meters to completely stop measuring – interrupting unloading and even causing commercial disputes over the quantity of milk delivered.
The meter enables continuous and uninterrupted measurement of volume flow and mass, density, and temperature – even at difficult milk reception process conditions with two-phase flow.

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