Latest technology improves tank cleaning processes

Top Tank Cleaning, or TTC, was founded by freight forwarder Ulrich Bresser and has been in operation since 2008.
TTC operates from the metropolitan area of Cologne and services almost all major European tank and silo transporters.
The company is located off the A4 motorway access, near the Cologne container terminal, where freight forwarding agents can have their silos cleaned efficiently. State-of-the-art measuring and open-loop technology is used to clean the interior of around 80 silo and tank trucks to the strictest hygiene and environmental specifications daily.
That amounts to about 20,000 cleaning operations a year. “We consistently provide top-quality, quick, and efficient cleaning without losing sight of being sustainable and cost-conscious. We have been doing this for almost 15 years. We are an important part of the logistics scene in the metropolitan area of Cologne,” said founder and managing director Ulrich Bresser.
TTC’s customers include almost all major European tank and silo transporters.
Minimal waiting times due to computer control
A major issue for many industries including those in the logistic arena is the old saying, time is money, said Bresser.
He said: “That is why at TTC, we use the latest technology to minimise waiting times during the cleaning process. Using a fully automated cleaning system, our ACT-CONTROL and TSC-CLEANING systems calculate the ideal amount of cleaning agent depending on the type of vehicle, tank size as well as type and concentration of residues.
“High-performance and power flushing heads and subsequent high-speed hot air drying further minimise waiting time,” he added Container service with one-to-one instant exchange Customers can take advantage of TTC’s popular container service if time is pressing.
With TTC’s container handling operations, customers can simply unload their tanks to be cleaned at the large tank depot and have them exchanged immediately for a cleaned tank from their inventory without waiting.
Moreover, TTC can heat containers with solidified paraffins/kerosenes or resins to the necessary target temperature up to 100 °C at its steam heating station with up to 4 bar steam pressure so that they can be unloaded without any problems.
Certified for special cleaning TTC provides cleaning operations according to HACCP, GMP, Cargill, kosher, as well as ECD and ADR guidelines.
The Cologne-based company also provides professional cleaning services for IBC and ASF/ASP containers, including residue disposal, maintenance, and repair.
Latex and dispersion tanks are processed within eight hours at its latex circulation system until they are neutrally and chemically cleaned.
TTC also has expertise in the cleaning of MDI and HDI tanks using its sandblasting system. Station manager Ali Razzouki can advise customers about the use of modern computer sensor technology to find the best cleaning parameters for each application.
Sustainability and environmental protection
TTC is also a keen participant in the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) initiative. This is an international programme ensuring that plastic materials such as granules, flakes and powder do not end up in the environment.
TTC’s goal is to have ‘zero loss’ of plastic granulates. Furthermore, TTC’s sustainable environmental management is certified to ISO 14001 standards.
The European Chemical Industry Association’s rating system also regularly audits TTC’s quality, safety and environmental performance as part of SQAS.
A new water treatment plant at the site also ensures that the water used in cleaning operations is carefully filtered several times. After filtering, the treated wastewater is gradually discharged, via a special intermediate buffer. This effectively minimises the impact on the ecosystem.
Visit: ttc-koeln.de

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