LNG-fuelled research vessel receives LNG in Gasum’s first truck-to-ship bunkering operation

The Nordic energy company Gasum has conducted its first truck-to-ship liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering operation in Germany.
Gasum delivered LNG to the research vessel ATAIR which is currently under construction at Fassmer shipyard in Berne/Motzen in Germany.
Gasum is delivering the LNG and supporting Fassmer in the execution of the operation at the shipyard.
The decision to equip the ATAIR with engines that can run on LNG was made because it emits significantly less emissions compared to a diesel-fuelled ship.
Jacob Granqvist, sales director, LNG maritime, Gasum, said: “Our first LNG bunkering operation with trucks in Germany was a great success and we are proud that we can support the Fassmer shipyard with this very important new build project.
“Gasum has already supported customers with ship-to-ship deliveries in Northwest Europe. However, this truck-to-ship delivery underlines our commitment to expand our geographical footprint in continental Europe.
“We are working actively on extending our business in the region and have lined up several projects in Germany, Poland, The Netherlands and Belgium.”
LNG is the cleanest available marine fuel, and it’s rapidly becoming the most commonly used alternative to traditional fuels. The use of LNG significantly improves local air quality as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20%, and it meets all the current and forthcoming regulations set out by the International Maritime Organisation and the EU.

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