Long distance order for Den Hartogh and XT Logistics

Den Hartogh China recently assigned a long distance ISO tank trucking order to XT Logistics which covered six provinces across the country covering 1,900 km.
The loading took place is Chiba, Japan, and the company’s network partner Nissin handled the necessary pre-carriage and custom services in Japan.
To ensure smooth shipment from East Japan to West China, a pre-operations discussion took place between Nissin, Den Hartogh Shanghai and XT Logistics.
The first laden tank was released on 12 September by its Chinese customer after arriving in Shanghai.
Den Hartogh China’s commercial team visited the trucker at Shanghai Lingang warehouse together with the management of XT Logistics.
After a general check on the truck’s safety condition and also a last minute risk assessment led by XT’s management, the assignment was able to proceed.

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