Making a big splash

With the Colorado 530 KHT and its powerful tank cleaning heads, Dutch manufacturer Waterkracht has turned its focus to professional industrial cleaning.
Cleaning tank containers, wells, bins and even chewing gum, graffiti and posters – the list of applications for high pressure and hot water equipment is long and extensive, just like the product portfolio of Waterkracht, which for more than 45 years has put all its experience into the development and production of high pressure cleaning machines.
Representing Waterkracht´s numerous machines, the Colorado 530 KHT hot water high-pressure cleaner is now on the market.
With its new product mounted on a double-axle trailer, the company is presenting a universal device that should be of interest primarily to service providers in industrial cleaning, but also to rental companies.
After all, the Colorado 530 KHT operates at a pressure of up to 500 bar, at 30l/min. This is made possible by the integrated aquabar high-pressure pump, which, via a V-belt, is driven by a liquid-cooled Kubota diesel engine.
Temperatures of up to 102°C at the nozzle can be set during the highpressure cleaning work. The Colorado 530 KHT also features a ‘zero’ pressure control system that, when the gun is closed, causes the entire high-pressure side to be without pressure. Thanks to its touchscreen display, the universal device is quite easy to operate.
The Dutch company has a lot to offer when it comes to tank cleaning heads; the product range extends from two to 1,600-bar working pressure, like the rOtojet FV020. This powerful, robust and selfturning 3D tank cleaning head is used for the interior cleaning of medium and large tanks such as tank trucks or containers.
The rOtojet FV020 excels with a working pressure of up to 400 bar, a maximum temperature of 90°C and a flow rate of eight to 60l/min.
The MW586A is even more powerful, achieving a working pressure of up to 500 bar – at a flow rate of 15-60 l/min. This self-rotating stainless steel tank cleaning head, which is mainly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and transport sectors, does not require any lubricants. In addition to the tank cleaning heads, Waterkracht also offers complete industrial stationary cleaning systems for a wide range of applications. In addition to standard solutions, custommade solutions are also possible.
The systems, consisting of machines, accessories and cleaning agents, are not only characterised by their effective, economical and environmentally friendly cleaning, they are also reliable, quiet and easy to maintain.

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