Mega-Inliner and Torwesten forge partnership to improve sustainability in tank cleaning

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Bulk liquid transporter Mega-Inliner International Group and Torwesten Spedition have announced a new partnership.
The two supply chain innovators have formalised an exclusive agreement dedicated to sustainable beer and all other non-hazardous liquid transportation.
Sidon van Laarhoven, CEO of Mega-Inliner, and Marc de Kort, CEO of Torwesten, have highlighted the vast potential for sustainability in the food liquids transport market.
Their joint initiative focuses on reducing mileage by adopting the Mega-Inliner® System solution, which cuts down on truck mileage for going to and from depot for cleaning, rinsing, and pressurising with CO2, resulting in a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Secondly, the partnership promotes the efficient use of resources by avoiding the consumption of drinking water and detergents for cleaning, as well as reducing CO2 emissions associated with pressurising and unloading processes of carbonated liquids such as beer and other foodstuffs.
The Mega-Inliner® System introduces the possibility of unlimited reusing empty tank containers for counterflows, offering a significantly higher payload ergo sustainable alternative that was previously unavailable by prior cargo restrictions.
For Torwesten, the Mega-Inliner® System adds a valuable dimension to their existing portfolio of beer transportation solutions.
The tank containers are multi-functional for all transport modalities as well as festival and last-mile hub beer distribution.
Units are available from 10m3 up to 31m3, with or without a reefer/heating system.
Early adopters, such as brewery Mahou, BrewDog, AB InBev, Asahi as also AECI and Coca-Cola, have successfully used and integrated the Mega-Inliner® System into their operations for over three years.
Moreover, several prominent industry players likw Cargill and Barry Callebaut joined the initiative last year by participating in various R&D tests and initial trial shipments.
Both Mega-Inliner and Torwesten plan to expand their fleet of tank containers rapidly to harness the full potential of the worldwide patented Mega-Inliner® System innovation in the coming years.

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