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LPW Tankwash provided food-grade tank cleaning services across two sites in the south of the UK until late last year.
Now, the company has introduced a new and accessible facility for northern regions by opening a brand new site in central Manchester.
Conveniently situated next to major motorway links, the latest LPW Tankwash site introduces a new and accessible facility for the city of Manchester and surrounding travel networks.
Now operating across three national sites, the company is one of the largest and most experienced service providers in the UK.
Opening new tank wash facility
Jack Moon, LPW operations director, oversees the national operations of the specialist tank cleaning sites, and led the development in Manchester from initial planning to the final construction.
Before accommodating the new tank wash facility, the site was originally a container yard. Every precaution was taken while constructing the site, with LPW fully clearing the site and assembling a specialist building to meet the stringent requirements of a food-grade tank wash facility.
When considering where to open their third site, Moon said that the decision to open in Manchester was in answer to their customers’ feedback.
“There was a lot of interest around Manchester from our existing customers,” said Moon. “We have large brands using our tank wash facilities, as well as independent businesses. They are based across the country, but there was a real interest around Manchester.
“We are also aware that there are food plants here, which our food-grade tank wash service are designed to support.
“Manchester is a great addition to our existing network of tank wash sites, and helps us to expand our reach across the country. Expansion and growth is important to us as a group, so we are very excited for the opportunities to come.”
Facility’s advantages
The site in Manchester is equipped with the latest technology to provide a specialist cleaning and sanitisation service for road tankers, tank containers, and all other intermodal equipment.
Hot water boilers within the site work on high pressure and low volume, which helps LPW to maximise the efficiency of their washes.
The complete pressurised tank washes can thoroughly clean a vast range of food substances including edible oils; sugars; chocolate; flour; juices, and dairy products.
As a dedicated food grade tank wash, no chemical cleaning takes place on the site, meaning the possibility of cross-contamination is significantly reduced.
Graham Edge, operations manager at Turners Soham, is one customer of the new Manchester tank wash site.
He added: “Our depot operates a sizeable fleet of bulk flour tankers which require regular internal washing. LPW Tankwash at Eccles, Manchester, is entrusted with this important task and provide a very satisfactory and thorough service in washing and drying these 60 cubic metres tanks.
“Washing-out turn round times are kept to a minimum. LPW certification of cleanliness is accepted by Turners’ flour milling customers, and also by their end-user flour customers, many of whom now require certification of tank cleanliness before the product can be discharged on delivery.”
National network
The LPW Tankwash teams are highly skilled and experienced operatives. This enables a fast turnaround time – saving invaluable time in transit – without any compromise on quality and service.
The seals necessary to comply with stringent food safety regulations are also provided by the team.
The LPW Tank wash site services also include food grade tank washing, IBC cleaning, steam heating, sanitisation, air filtered blow drying, hose and flex cleaning and ISO 9001\2015 certified washes,
This latest site adds to LPW’s existing network of national site locations, including Purfleet and Avonmouth.
LPW Tankwash forms a part of the wider LPW Group, who specialise in commercial vehicle and building cleaning.
For more information: Visit: lpweurope.com, or contact LPW group directly on 01708 463400 or email enquiries@lpweurope.com

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