New bay supplied by OMZ proves its worth

An OMZ facility at another business
An OMZ facility at another business
The essential cleaning of large volumes of flour, chocolate and vegetable oils has been made easier in the past year thanks to a new food bay.
After extensive trials, the facility, manufactured by OMZ in Italy, was opened at South Eastern Tanker Services (SETS) in Dagenham and has proven to be a success.
It has enabled tankers to be cleaned efficiently to ensure raw materials are delivered to the food industry swiftly.
SETS has made a significant financial investment into this new facility.
This has helped it reduce the cleaning times of food grade products, in particular chocolate and flour.
The very high-pressure wash heads used will enable a significant reduction in cleaning times and adding to the existing two food bays will help improve vehicle waiting times.
This latest investment now enables SETS to now offer three chemical bays alongside three food grade bays together with lifting and storage of tank containers.
Heating facilities have been expanded to offer 15 steam bays, two hot water bays and five electric bays to customers.
An OMZ facility at another business

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