New managing director of European business unit liquids at Bertschi appointed

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Barry Mol has been appointed as the new managing director of the European business unit liquids at Bertschi Group.
According to Bertschi, This marks a significant moment for the company as he steps into this pivotal role.
Barry’s impressive track record within Bertschi, spanning operations, business development and his tenure as subsidiary manager of Bertschi Netherlands, reflects his strategic vision and commitment to success.
With his wealth of experience and strategic acumen, Barry is well-positioned to lead the Liquids division to continued growth and prosperity.
As Barry assumes his new role, it’s also an opportunity to acknowledge the exemplary leadership demonstrated by Santiago Gonzalez Prats during his six-year tenure as managing director BU Liquids.
Santiago has played a pivotal role in the success of the customer-centric unit, ensuring excellence in European intermodal logistics for bulk liquids.
The company extended its deepest gratitude to Santiago for his unwavering commitment, and looks forward to his continued leadership as he transitions back to his homeland to resume his role as managing director of Bertschi Spain and Portugal.
Additionally, at the group level, Santiago will focus on developing the West Mediterranean region and the intermodal axle to/from Spain.

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