NTTC beefs up tank corrosion tool

The development of a US-based online tool which helps to identify tank corrosion potential from various chemical cargoes is making steady progress, according to a tank truck lobby group that founded the innovation.

According to news outlet Bulk Transporter, the National Tank Truck Carriers’ Liquid Products Database is currently being expanded to identify the corrosion properties of as many blends as possible.

NTTC is asking carriers to suggest “proprietary blends” for future testing of corrosive properties by Battelle, the world’s largest non-profit research and development organisation.

John Cannon, vice-president of engineering for Wabash Tank Trailers, told Bulk Transporter: “All requests for testing will be prioritised by the Steering Committee [Liquid Products Database].

Currently, the lab testing backlog is minimal. So anything suggested today would probably get tested in the next quarter.

It’s economical – at no cost to the carrier who suggested it.

NTTC is underwriting it at this point. The requesting carrier must arrange for the chemical solution to be shipped to Battelle.”

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