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Sergio Saez Castro, technical sales manager at TURCO Spain, speaks to Tank Cleaning Magazine about the challenges the company has faced in the past 12 months.
Could you introduce yourself to our readers?
I am Sergio Sáez Castro, technical sales manager of TURCO Spain, which manufactures cleaning compounds for the tank cleaning industry. Sixty years ago, TURCO started its activity as a manufacturer of chemicals for the aviation industry and over the years we have diversified into different market sectors.
What kind of products do you offer?
Our company is a supplier to some of the largest tank cleaning stations in Europe, with a wide range of products that cover all the needs of the sector. We specialise, first and foremost, in the production of cleaning agents for the most difficult cases. Some of the largest tank cleaning stations in Spain are located in our area and there, in close cooperation with our customers, we have developed specific products for the very varied and complex needs of our customers.
What is the technical background of your company?
As I mentioned, TURCO has been producing speciality chemicals for the aeronautical and aerospace industry, one of the most demanding in terms of quality, for more than six decades. The technical team that develops and manufactures these products is the same team that is also dedicated to the needs of the tank cleaning sector.
We know that there is a lot of competition in the sector. How do your products stand out from those of other manufacturers?
First of all, I must point out that our specialities have been designed specifically for this market, and we have improved them to a large extent in collaboration with our customers, who are the ones who know what the most common problems are.
As I said, we have products for the most complicated cleaning cases, such as resin, latex, dispersion or additive residues. We have also made great progress in techniques and compounds for the removal of methylene diphenyl isocyanate (MDI) and toluene diisocyanate (TDI), a real headache for many cleaning companies. These are technically very complex formulations. However, they are simple and safe to use in all kinds of installations, from large industrial cleaning plants to transport companies washing their own vehicles.
The variety of products transported in a road tanker or in a tank container is vast, so the biggest requirement of our customers is to have versatile products that can be used for various applications, without needing a specific cleaning agent for each situation.
In addition, cleaning plants also frequently use other auxiliary products, for external washing, or for renovation and conditioning of stainless steel or aluminium tanks and silos, or other needs, such as disinfectants, defoamers and deodorisers. All these are covered by TURCO products.
What are your plans for the future?
We have plans for further growth in the EU, and also in other promising markets such as the Gulf States in the Middle East, India and the rest of Asia.We have noticed that our activities have not decreased during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and in some cases, have even grown strongly during this period.
For more information: Visit: turco-spain.com/tankcleaning

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