Prominent player in the tank cleaning market

Claessen Tankcleaning Venlo have been passionately focusing on the internal and external cleaning of road tankers, tank containers, bulk trucks, trailers as well as IBC containers for the past 22 years, .
The Dutch-based firm cleans a range of products from food as well as non-food items. The company also prides itself in the cleaning of toxic or heavy reactive goods, which is also a very strong part of its service to customers.
Furthermore, since 2018, Claessen Tankcleaning has also prided itself as a specialist in the repair of all common tankers, tank containers, bulk trucks as well as trailers and other containers.
Within the firm’s repair department, engineers can also take care of the retesting of containers for customers.
Four years’ ago, the firm also built a storage and transhipment depot, where its clients can store containers with or without heating or can store them for repair, polishing or pickling work.
Its storage and transhipment depot is also fully equipped to handle containers with dangerous cargo.
A company spokesman said: “With our knowledge as well as experience of, and, with a passion for, cleaning, repair, heating and storage/transhipment we are proud to be centrally located in the logistics heart of Europe.
“We pride ourselves as being a fully modernised company and we are happy to say that we are one of the most prominent players in this market.”
For more information: tankcleaningvenlo.nl

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