Protective coating for tank cleaning

Hüni + Co, a specialist coatings provider, was founded in 1859 as a leather manufacturing firm in Friedrichshafen, Germany. This is where the company’s headquarters is located and, at the turn of the new millennium, the firm started its new business – coatings for ISO tank containers.
The company now employs 60 people from more than 14 different nations and is led by Alexa Hüni, the first female CEO in the company’s history.
What exactly do you do in the field of tank container coatings and why is it so important?
When it comes to the transportation of so called Class 8 cargoes, tank container coatings come into play. When aggressive and corrosive cargoes need to be carried in a tank container, you need some form of internal protection.
A tank container coating by Hüni + Co provides a very good solution. We offer a wide range of different coatings with various properties. With our product range we can provide corrosion protection against most acids, alkalis, and solvents.
For ChemLINE 784® alone, more than 4,000 chemicals and products have already been successfully tested.
Where do you work in Europe?
We work for mainly European-based companies. In the tank container business our main customers are the chemical industry, tank container operators, tank container leasing companies, and tank container manufacturers.
Where do you see your company five years down the line? In five years’ time we will continue to be a highly specialised small coating company, but we will work on a highly digitalised basis. Communication to and with our customers will be even faster and the status of the tank container throughout the production process (which takes several weeks) will be more transparent to our customers. Automation will also become more important for us. What is the secret to your 20 years of success?
I think the ingredients for our success are our customer focus and customer centricity.
We always try to be a close and reliable partner. It is not our goal to sell just a coating, but a long-lasting solution that our customers can rely on.
How have you been coping the COVID-19 crisis? What strategies have you implemented?
Within the company we have implemented a wide range of activities since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep our staff safe and healthy. We support our staff with information, codes of behaviour, extra disinfection, and face masks, for example. Where possible, our employees work from home and meetings have been moved from face-to-face to Zoom. We are really surprised how well that works.
For more information: Visit: hueni.de

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